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Business Coaching . Inner Wisdom Guidance . Retreat Planning Coach

with Tomeekha Pitre


Do you have a start up or small business with a desire to fulfill your passion and realize that you do not have the business acumen to run and grow your business? You are not alone. There is a great percent of business owners in the same space as you are and I'm here to assure you that you have to worry no more. I got you. I will coach and teach you how to prepare a strategic plan that will keep your business growing for the next 5 years. 

Is being broke a huge concern for you? This is common and I like to say "it's our mind playing tricks on us". I will help you shift the "broke woman/man" mentality as I infuse meditation and spirit work that brings you back to your inner knowing. This method helps you to trust your creative thinking from the inside out, which transforms your decision making skills for the people you serve and for your business. Together we will create inner confidence and ease with each step you make along your path. This is your time to create your peace while walking and living your purpose.

Are you ready to take your business to next level and start thinking and planning like the big billion dollars corporations do? If the answer is YES, then scroll down to our coaching packages and select the offering that best resonates with your business goals, your heart and your soul. I'm here for you when you're ready. It is my medicine and honor to coach, teach and share an abundant of information that you may not get anywhere else; and guess what? It's all rinse and repeatable. 

With 22+ years of customer service, project management, business development, strategic planning, business process improvement and project portfolio management it is my promise to help small and start up business owners to access and follow their inner wisdom to create a strategic multi-annual plan so each of you (my clients) are able to manifest a more profitable and legitimate business as you create a space of peace and purpose in both your personal/family life and business. It is my mission to shift the mindset of business owners from a day-to-day survival way of thinking to a more strategic thinker and planner by learning how to create a multi-annual strategic plan for the next 3-5 years.


During your sessions with Tomeekha you will learn, by the way of coaching and guidance, become clear about your services and products and how they align with your business model, determine your business strategies for the next 3 - 5 years and a project portfolio that are aligned with each strategy.  Once these key items are completed, you will then begin building your business plan for each project, which includes the following:​

  1. Business Organizational Chart - Understand and create a diagram that clearly demonstrates how your business is structured.         

  2. Clear Offerings - Are you clear on each and every offering (services and/or products) that you offer to your clients? This exercise will help you organize every single service and product.

  3. Business Plan - The Issue, The Solve, Estimated Investments, Estimated Revenue, Financial Model 

  4. Data - Identify information to track, source of data, identify trends, analyze and determine next steps.

  5. Rinse and Repeat - Next project

How It Works

The Benefits

Working with Tomeekha

Learn how to identify strategies that puts your business ahead of the pack • Create a focused multi-annual strategic plan that sets you ahead of your peer competitors • Develop an easy-to-implement project plan to avoid setbacks, mistakes and pitfalls of a growing business • Be able to read your [niche, specialty]  market and year over year trends that will help your business grow Put systems in place so you have a legitimate, easy to scale and easy to manage operation  Know how to access your inner wisdom and higher self to help guide your decision-making by learning silent and stillness meditation techniques Put stress management and peace of mind practices in place so you feel more peaceful and purposeful in every decision you make.


Words of Wisdom

"An idea that makes its way to planning and development is our release, our healing. That same idea executed/manifested is no longer ours. Respect the pace of your heart based projects as it's medicine in the making."

- Tomeekha Pitre




Strategic Business Learning and Coaching

Bi-weekly Business Coaching with Tomeekha Pitre is designed for successful execution of priority projects. By the end of your time with Tomeekha you will have a full strategic plan, a project portfolio, a clear pipeline, financial models for your top projects and so much more. Are you ready for a business coach who teaches every aspect of strategic business planning while also guiding you to prepare for success? 

Hear What Clients Are Saying

"Correct pricing and paying myself.... whew! Thank you Tomeekha for guiding me. My business has reached another level and I'm ready for all of the steady growth."
Coach Shereta Middleton, Charleston, SC

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"Thank you Tomeekha for getting me clear of many ideas. The best part is having an organized  strategic plan that maps out a project portfolio. I feel clear and organized. "
Kwame Bell , Real Estate Investor

There's no better time than now to invest in you & your business!

Don't wait! You'll thank yourself for it later.

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