Meet Tomeekha

Inner Wisdom Guide and Multi-Annual Strategic Business Coach

Tomeekha is a successful corporate business woman with over 22 years in business process improvements, project and portfolio management, business development and strategic planning. She is a zealot for multi-media art and community advocacy for artists. She has curated and represented emerging visual artists, produced theatre productions and is CEO of Black Cotton Publishing and Meek Silent Retreats. Her expertise in business and the arts allows her to enjoy consulting for startup businesses and creative projects.


She is inner-led to hold sacred space, share stories and produce creative works that will uplift, empower, educate, and inspire individuals to live in the highest version of self. 


Tomeekha divides her time between Central Texas and Southern California, where she enjoys making earth medicines, leading retreats, coaching business strategies to business owners, writing, making happy birthday video's, singing and dancing in the company of family and friends. She enjoys the study of songwriting and the art of vocal instrumentation.

Tomeekha's spiritual journey began more than 17 years ago when she picked up the book, "Sacred Woman" by Queen Afua. Following the guidance of Queen Afua is when Tomeekha's inner healing began. She began to see various reflective versions of herself in other people and thus, knew that we are all one part of the magnificent solar light of God.

"Plant dream seeds and watch them grow into something beautifully visible for all to see."

- Tomeekha Pitre


Tomeekha learned (and is still learning) that it's in the - me, myself and I - moments that life makes the most sense. The requirements of life become easy, things are literally handed down from the universe on a golden platter - as long as we continue to do the work.  

As a career-driven woman, taking at least 15-30 minutes of silence is a must. In Tomeekha's journey she found that we have to respect our own pace and that's the purpose of Meek Silent Retreats and her  Strategic Business Coaching programs.  


Tomeekha wants to provide like-minded individuals with a safe and comfortable space to be still, silent, relaxed and breathe at their own flow and pace until they discover the space and pace that is right for them as an individual being, which leads to creating a life and business filled with purpose, love, peace and light.