Meet Tomeekha

Inner Wisdom Guide and Multi-Annual Strategic Business Coach

In a world where fast-paced profits are coveted, Tomeekha Pitre guides entrepreneurs to success with less greed and more grounding.  

Tomeekha Pitre is the personal growth and business transformation mentor for visionary founders who want to follow their purpose-led path to profitability. With the presence of a goddess and the prowess of a business guru, she is shifting the status quo, proving that spirituality is the first—and most important – step to success. 

Specializing in navigating career professionals into entrepreneurship, she supports her clients through a powerful process of self-discovery, spiritual alignment and scaling strategy. The faith-fueled guide the business world has been waiting for, Tomeekha is revolutionizing how we rise. 

Masterful at what she does, Tomeekha spent 20+ years in corporate leadership, managing billion-dollar portfolios. Highly sought after for her sharp skillset in project planning/management, risk mitigation and data analysis, she built a successful career as the woman who could pinpoint where a company was missing the marks that were costing them millions. 

"Plant dream seeds and watch them grow into something beautifully visible for all to see."

- Tomeekha Pitre


But craving full freedom, Tomeekha followed a call into entrepreneurship. Stepping into the spiritual space, she quickly became known across southern California for her self-realization silent retreats and guided grounding practices. Attracting other spiritual and wellness entrepreneurs seeking to replicate her business success, Tomeekha began organically coaching them. Soon, she discovered a pattern in people who were disconnected from their spirit. The result were hobbies and hustles that made some money instead of soulful, scalable businesses that had more meaning. 

Accepting the assignment to show business owners the way, she launched the strategic consulting side of her agency in 2021. Within days, she exceeded her revenue goal and confirmed her next elevation. 


Tomeekha’s multi-layered methodology focuses on building the person before the business. Her programs are intimate and immersive safe spaces that take entrepreneurs on a journey of personal evolution and business growth. Using techniques such as silence and stillness to tap into their inner wisdom, her clients find unshakable clarity in themselves and what they were destined to do. With their foundation of faith, Tomeekha supports them through the strategic planning that positions them for long-term success. 

Tomeekha’s results and teachings are a testament to the power of a woman who lets her soul lead—unleashing us all to do the same.