Meek Retreats

by Tomeekha Pitre


March 19-23, 2020

$1,250 - $1,900

Now accepting co-ed registrations

Do you find yourself so focused and driven on your career, that you find yourself spending more hours than you'd planned for in a day, either working a full-time job, building and maintaining a small business, or maintaining a domestic empire? Are you craving time to relax, reset your mind, recharge and reconnect with your inner-self? 

Then join Tomeekha Pitre on this transformative silent retreat to tap into your inner wisdom!

Imagine you're sitting next to a prosperous flowing stream of water. You're relaxing in peace and quiet with no distractions of your day-to-day responsibilities, as the beauty of ancient trees remind you of your inner strength to release and renew. You feel the healing energy of the Sedona air and you take in the peacefulness of your silent moment.


Suddenly, the calming sound of a bell brings you back into the dimension you briefly drifted from. Your physical self sits on the shoulders of the breathtaking views of Sedona, and while you feel you're alone, you're not. You are surrounded by beautiful like-minded career driven men and women - some of the most sacredenlightened and aware people you will ever meet and bond with.


You have traveled here to relax and experience a safe and high frequency place to re-balance your physical and spirit self so you're able to clearly hear the wisdom from your inner-self.

You are here, your mind is free, and the answers are clear!

Do you find yourself exhausted, overwhelmed and overworked with little time for yourself?  We understand how you feel, but now is the time to put YOU first. During your retreat, we'll nourish your digestive system with cleansing juices and wholesome vegetarian foods that will revive your body, mind and soul. We'll guide you in self-paced meditations, enduring-building yoga, life coaching and positive words of wisdom that will plant the seeds you need to manifest your greatness from the inside, out.

Are you in need of a peace of mind? Guess what? We're right there with you. During your retreat, you will enjoy a memorable weekend that's free from technology and speaking. Silent meditations and journaling will reset your mind so that you're able to clearly hear the voice of your inner wisdom. You'll begin to utilize inner communication by tapping into your sacred space of answers.

Isn't it time to start embracing your Inner Self? We have exactly what's required to get started! Through a combination of limited verbal expressions - allowing the vocal cord to rest, you'll become re-acquainted with journaling your thoughts and visions to design your purposeful life path. Once you've relaxed into the surrounding sounds of silence, you'll be amazed at how easy it is connecting your soul and physical self. It's a high vibration of harmonious self-love.

Why should you join us?

Because you want a place to clear your mind without distraction from your hectic day-to-day life. 

Because you require a space to ask yourself questions that only your spirit can answer, and you are ready to receive guidance.

Because you look forward to embracing the creator within you! You are the co-creator of your journey, and here is where you'll draft the blueprint for your purposeful life.

Because you MUST incorporate a routine of meditation and gratitude into your daily life by identifying a pace that works for you. Our retreat weekend will assist in creating an internal place that you can escape to, in order to reduce or eliminate stress.


A bed and breakfast that sits in the middle of nature's peace.

The Briar Patch Inn is a lush and peaceful environment, devoid of distracting devices, miles away from the energy of modern life. The cottages are elegantly rustic and rustically elegant with the finest of comfortable beds and its historically preserved small bathrooms. 

The days spent in their small paradise are peaceful; the evenings are restful. Briar Patch Inn mission is to protect the tranquility long-time returning guests have come to expect and have treasured for many years while exposing new guests to an environment where time spent here is... "The Way Life Should Be".

Nestled in Oak Creek Canyon along the lush banks of Oak Creek, the Briar Patch Inn invites you to nurture your relationship with nature. At the base of the surrounding red rock mountains, the spring fed waters of Oak Creek create a healing, magical oasis—the perfect setting for the Briar Patch—a quiet blending of 9 acres, 19 cottages, majestic canyon oaks, dappled sunlight, squirrels, sheep, and a caring staff.

The cottages, furnished with Southwestern charm and Native American decor, are designed for comfort in casual elegance. Fireplaces, patios and privacy lure you to relax and enjoy the moment or a good book chosen from their ample library. For the ultimate in relaxation, Briar Patch Inn suggest a massage in the comfort of your own cottage or in our open air, creek side gazebo.

Enjoy intuitive herbal tonics and cleansing juices


by Angela Bryant-Tyler

Angela Bryant-Tyler, owner of Deliciousness in Your Mouth Catering, is a self-taught, personal chef and caterer based in Los Angeles. She is a native New Yorker that modeled professionally for many years in various countries. Modeling afforded Angela the opportunity to experience different cultures around the world and to enjoy their cuisines.


Her adventures in deliciousness stemmed from the love of those cultures, communing with friends and family, and of course, her love of food.  With that love and curiosity, she began her never-ending delectable quest to create the perfect bite! She has a varied repertoire but Asian Fusion Cuisine has become her specialty.


In her cooking, you will find a wonderful mixture of flavors, textures and colors, that dance in your mouth! She takes the salty, the sweet, the spicy and the sour and blends them together seamlessly creating a memorable experience that is not only pleasing to the palate, but a feast for the eyes and spirit as well!


Each day at the freshness of our grand awakening, we'll speak our gratitude into our universe. Next, we'll move into a subtle flow of sun salutation yoga. We'll continue our morning with a healthy breakfast while we make our first journal entry of the day. We'll finish our morning with a peacefully guided meditation that will relax us and ready us for an auspicious day. 

Sun salutation movements will awaken your muscles while opening your heart to your divine energy source. The soles of your feet will be firmly grounded on the earth - you are connected.

Silent meditation practices in nature will reconnect you to your spirit self. Eyes closed, palms up and a steady flow of breathing will open the gateway of heightened senses and awareness. At your own pace, you will become one with nature and realize your Self and Spirit are one. In the stillness and beautiful sounds of silence, your mind is being reset.

Breathing exercises will help you find and embrace your core center. You will practice various speeds and depths of breathing that will guide you into your rhythm and flow that's aligned to your pace.


  • 3 nights at the serene Briar Patch Inn

  • Vegetarian breakfast and dinner to nourish and replenish your energy

  • Cleansing juices to release toxins

  • Herbal tonics to enhance intuitive insight

  • Guided self-paced yoga to keep your body recharged

  • Guided self-paced meditation 

  • Private transformation sessions with Michaela Rena and Jermaine

  • Chakra smoothing with Tomeekha Pitre

  • Sacred retreat gift from your retreat hostess

  • Retreat photography and group photo so you don't have to worry about capturing those special moments

  • Retreat chauffeur providing transportation services to and from airport and personal chauffeur 

  • Silent walk along the Sedona red rock formations


You'll enjoy a space where you can fill your inner-self with care and love without feelings of guilt. We'll nourish your digestive system with detoxing juices and wholesome vegetarian foods that will revive your body, mind and soul.

We'll guide you in a self-paced meditation, gentle yoga, motivational coaching and positive words of wisdom that will plant the seeds you need to manifest your greatness from the inside out.

You'll create an inner space that you can retreat to during the busy distractions of life.

Silent meditations will reconnect you with your inner-self, the place where your physical self will dance to the sweet sounds of your soul's wisdom


  • Airfare to and from Phoenix, AZ

  • Yoga mats

  • Personal, medical and trip cancellation insurance, which are all strongly recommended!

  • Healthful snacks during the day

  • Headphones for listening to music, as our retreat site is a quiet space

  • Sunblock

  • Throw blanket

  • Massage/Facials provided by Briar Patch Inn

  • Spending money

Your Retreat Cost & Suggested Payment Structure

Single room (1bed, 1 person), $1,900
or 4 monthly payments of $387.50
Single room (1 bed, 2 persons), $1,500 per person
or 4 monthly payments of $287.50
Double room (2 beds), $1,500 per person
or 4 monthly payments of $262.50
Triple room (3 beds), $1,250 per person
or 4 monthly payments of $225
Suggested Payment Structure:
  • $350 deposit by 12/15/2017
  • Manageable monthly payment each month 1/15/2018, 2/15/2018, and 3/15/2018
  • Final payment by 4/8/2018 


Tomeekha Pitre 

Founder of Meek Retreats

As an independent learner, my spiritual journey began more than 10 years ago when I picked up the book, "Sacred Woman" by Queen Afua. Following her guidance is when my inner healing began. I began to see myself in other people and thus, I viewed everyone in a totally different light. However, even with my newly healed self (from old childhood wounds), I found myself on a continuous spiritual journey of development. 

It wasn't until I had crumbled into the lowest and most broken part of me that I found and began to practice a steady and routine practice of outward prayer, repeated chanting and inward meditation that I really began to find myself. The humming vibrations, deep breathing and the stillness of meditation is where I learned how to communicate with my inner-self. My inner spirit and my outer physical self began to harmonize and manifest.


I learned (and I'm still learning) that it's in these - me, myself and I - moments that life makes the most sense. The requirements of life become easy, things are literally handed down from our universe on a golden platter - as long as you do the work.  

As a career-driven woman, taking at least 15-30 minutes of silence is a must for us. In my journey, I've found that we have to respect our own pace, and that's what our Silent Retreats are here for. We want to provide like-minded individuals with a safe and comfortable space to be still, silent, relax and breathe at their own flow and pace until they discover the space and pace that is right for them, as an individual light being. 

Rev. Michaela Rena has studied the field of Metaphysics, Religion and Spirituality for over 28 years.


She is an Author, Ordained Minister and Dynamic Neuro-Transformation Life Coach that places major emphasis on assisting people with how to go within, healing the body of emotional triggers from past pain, sadness, anger, fear, trauma and more, use of sacred tools to gain clarity and understanding, on a multitude of diverse theological issues and self-empowerment concerns. She currently supports her students as a Dynamic Neuro-Transformation Life Coach, and Master Tarot Instructor with three decades of students and powerful testimony.

Michaela Rena

Dynamic Neuro-Transformation Life Coach and Instructor


Speaker, Writer and Health Coach

Jermaine has two decades of holistic health successes in transforming the lives of people all over the world.


After leaving The Nation of Islam, he began to study and practice of meditation in which heart rhythm meditation has become the foundation of his spiritual life path. His spiritual journey led him to understanding the importance of spiritual unity. This understanding is when he received the vision of The Three I's of Success


Jermaine, provides a very unique blend to holistic health by merging the three schools of thought together: the spirit, mind and body connections. 

His mission is to guide as many people as he can to embrace and align their whole holistic self, which creates harmony within one's inner self and aura. With holistic health, one can maintain peace and love in any space.

Jewell O'Connor, Co-Facilitator
Greetings! My name is Jewell and while I wear many hats one of them is the love of making feather accessories. I'm also proud to join Meek Retreats as Co-Facilitator. I've worked in many fields and my favorite is with Black Cotton and Tomeekha Pitre. I'm always willing to do anything for her. She really makes hard work fun, informative and creative. I anticipate serving you this spring in Sedona.
Inpu Ka Mut, Yogi
Seba (teacher) Inpu is martial artist, yogi and founder of the Khemetic Aha and Sema Association (khASA). His students have ranged from 3 - 95 years of age. A former instructor and member of the Khemetic T'ai Chi and Yoga Society, Seba Inpu incorporates T'ai Chi Ch'uan, Taoist, Hatha, Kundalini and Pranayama sema (yoga), Rekh Hati Khemeti (Khemetic Mind Science, a traditional meditation and healing system), and massage to work with individuals in clinical settings as a Mind-Body Health consult.
Brittney Hart, Photographer
At her nucleus, Brittney Hart is an artist. She began her journey documenting faces with pencil and paper, but as technology advanced so did her interests. Graphic design, photography and digital imaging have positioned themselves as passions in her life. Brittney's photography seeks to celebrate women and men of color, materialize her surrealistic ideas, and capture people in their true and most natural essence.
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Ojai, California 2017 Self-Realization Moments

Captured by Kumari Visionz



What past attendees are saying about Meek Retreats


"I'm so grateful, my life is changed forever from this retreat. I got a chance to clear a major energy blockage."


"Thank you Queen, for all the energy that was dedicated to the creating of this event. Continued success."

"The retreat was amazing and had such a good flow. I like how we did not have to share our goals with each other. We were all there on our own journey. Yet, even with the silence I felt bonded with the group."


"This was amazing, beautiful and divine! Thanks for the glorious experience! You have no idea how it changed the rest of my life. So much love and light all of you amazing, powerful women! It was such an honor being in all of your presence."


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