A Silent


with Tomeekha Pitre 

Sept. 29 - Oct. 2

Ojai, California


Are you a career-driven woman who spends more hours than there are in a day, working a full-time job, or building and maintaining a small business or domestic empire? Are you craving time to relax, to reset your mind, recharge and reconnect with your inner-self? Then join Tomeekha Pitre on this transformative silent retreat to tap into your inner wisdom!

Imagine you're sitting on the terrace relaxing in peace and quiet with no distractions of your day-to-day responsibilities, as the colorful Fall leaves from ancient trees remind you of your inner strength to release and renew. The sweet cool Californian breeze caresses your face as you inhale the crisp fresh change of the season and you take in the peacefulness of your silent moment.


Suddenly, the calming sound of a bell brings you back into the dimension you briefly drifted from. Your physical self sits on the shoulders of the breathtaking valley of Ojai and while you feel you're alone, you're not. You are surrounded by beautiful like-minded career driven women and they are some of the most sacredenlightened and aware women you'll ever meet.


You have traveled here to relax and experience a safe and high frequency place to re-balance your physical and spirit self so you're able to clearly hear the wisdom from your inner-self.

You are here, your mind is free and it feels like paradise!

Are you a career driven woman who is exhausted, overwhelmed and overworked with little time to self? I know how you feel because I've been that woman, too. Now is the time to put YOU first. During our retreat, we'll nourish your digestive system with detoxing juices and wholesome vegetarian/vegan foods that will revive your body, mind and soul. We'll guide you in self-paced meditations, gentle yoga, life coaching and positive words of wisdom that will plant the seeds you need to manifest your greatness from the inside out.

Do you crave moments of silence with a peace of mind? let's get to work! During our retreat, we will gift ourselves with a weekend free from technology and speaking. Our silent meditations and journaling will reset your mind so that you're able to clearly hear the voice of your wisdom. You'll begin to utilize inner communication by tapping into your sacred space of answers.

Isn't it time to start embracing your inner self? We have exactly what's required to get started! Through a combination of limited mouth movement, allowing the vocal cord to rest, you'll become reacquainted with journaling your thoughts and visions to design your purposeful life path. Once you've relaxed into the surrounding sounds of silence, you'll be amazed at how easy it is connecting your soul and physical self. It's a high vibrations of harmonious self-love.

Why should you join us?

Because you want a place to clear your mind without distraction from the day to day. 

Because you require a space to ask yourself questions that only your spirit can answer and you are ready to receive guidance.

Because you look forward to embracing the creator in you! You are the co-creator of your journey and here is where you'll draft the blueprint for your purposeful life.

Because you MUST incorporate a routine of meditation and gratitude into your daily life by identifying a pace that works for you. Our retreat weekend will assist in creating an internal place that you can escape to during your day-to-day business to reduce or eliminate stress.

So, what do you think?
Does this sound like you?


A beautiful estate that sits in the middle of nature's peace.

"It is essential sometimes to go into retreat, to stop everything that you have been doing, to stop your experiences completely and look at them anew, not keep on repeating them like machines. You would then let fresh air into your mind. Wouldn’t you? This place must be of great beauty with trees, birds, and quietness, for beauty is truth and truth is goodness and love."

- J. Krishnamurti

During our retreat your soul will be comforted by the peace that rests on the shoulders of Ojai, California. 

Pepper Tree Retreat offers a quiet setting for those who really want to see, hear and feel the natural beauty of the Ojai Valley. It is for those who want to leave behind the noise of the world, the crowded life of the city and the chattering of the mind. For in a quiet setting, with a quiet mind, one awakens a different dimension of awareness, and a whole new world is revealed. Therefore, Pepper Tree Retreat does not provide television, radios, amplified music or other distractions. The sounds of the retreat are the chirping of crickets, the hooting of an owl and the wind rustling through the trees. Beneath these are the silent sounds of the Universe

The grounds of our retreat home is located on 11 acres of orange orchards, gardens and open space nestled in the foothills of Ojai's magical east end. There are several outdoor patios and terraces, with a large veranda overlooking the front lawn and rose garden. Nearby are trails into the surrounding mountains and country roads ideal for early morning or late-afternoon walks.

Our planned activities will take you on a deeper level of relaxation and self-realization. The tranquil atmosphere of our home and the beautiful outdoors provides plenty of uninterrupted space for silent meditation and journaling.

We'll be staying in light-filled rooms and common areas that are decorated with a southern Californian farm house feel. Every space of our retreat home is impeccably designed to reflect magic and serenity.

THE CUISINE by Coline 

Colleen provides healthy organic food from local farmers.


She blends the highest quality herbs and seasoning to create the most vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options.

Retreat, Eat, Drink and Live



Receive healing gifts from Mother Earth as we renew and energize our inner self with Earthly cocktails filled with apples, kale, carrots, ginger, lemons, berries, celery, parsley, pineapples, papaya, kiwi, coconut, spinach, and cucumbers! 


So, what will we do at Pepper Tree Retreat? We'll start each blessed rising showing gratitude; and then we'll move into a nice subtle flow of sun salutation yoga. We'll continue our morning rising with a healthy breakfast while we make our first journal entry of the day. We'll finish our morning with a peacefully guided meditation leaving you truly relaxed and ready for an auspicious day.

Breathing exercises will help you find and embrace your core center. You will practice various speeds and depths of breathing that will guide you into your rhythm and flow that's aligned to your pace. 

Sun salutation movements to awaken your muscles while opening your heart to your divine energy source. The soles of your feet will be firmly grounded on the earth - you are connected.

Silent meditation practices in nature will reconnect you to your spirit self. Eyes closed, palms up and a steady flow of breathing will open the gateway of heightened senses and awareness. At your own pace, you will become one with nature and realize your Self and Spirit are one. In the stillness and beautiful sounds of silence, your mind is being reset.




You'll enjoy a space where you can fill your inner-self with care and love without feeling guilty. We'll nourish your digestive system with detoxing juices and wholesome vegetarian/vegan foods that will revive your body, mind and soul.

We'll guide you in a self-paced meditation, gentle yoga, motivational coaching and positive words of wisdom that will plant the seeds you need to manifest your greatness from the inside out.

You'll create an inner space that you can retreat to during the busy distractions of life.

Silent meditations will reconnect you with your inner-self, the place where your physical self will dance to the sweet sounds of your soul's wisdom


$864 - Single room
$814 - Shared room
*payment plans are available*
$350 Deposit - Final Payment Due 9/15/17


Tomeekha Pitre, founder of Meek Retreats

As an independent learner, my spiritual journey began 10 years ago when I picked up the book, "Sacred Woman" by Queen Afua. Following her guidance is when my inner healing began. I began to see myself in other people and thus, I viewed everyone in a totally different light. However, even with my newly healed self (from old childhood wounds), I found myself on a continuous spiritual journey. 

It wasn't until I had crumbled into the lowest and most broken part of me that I found and began to practice a steady and routine practice of outward prayer, repeated chanting and inward meditation that I really began to find myself. The humming vibrations, deep breathing and the stillness of meditation is where I learned how to communicate with my inner-self. My inner spirit and my outer physical self began to harmonize and manifest.


I learned (and I'm still learning) that it's in these - me, myself and I - moments that life makes the most sense. The requirements of life become easy, things are literally handed down from our universe on a golden platter - as long as you do the work.  

As a career-driven woman, taking at least 15-30 minutes of silence is a must for us. In my journey, I've found that we have to respect our own pace, and that's what our Silent Self-Realization Retreats are here for. We want to provide women with a safe and comfortable space to be still, silent, relax and breathe at her own flow and at her own pace until she finds the space that is right for her. 

Shay Ensley, Co-Facilitator
Shay Ensley is the founder of Satiage Alliance Group, which houses multiple businesses and growing - including video production (Creative 44 Productions), directing, art, to virtual business support (Right Hand Alliance). She has several years of experience in the entertainment field, having fulfilled various roles at Clear Channel, NASCAR Entertainment, Overbrook Entertainment, and for live production events.
Victoria Amidou, Coach & Speaker
An Ordained Minister, Entrepreneur, International Lecturer, Activist, Author, Song Writer, and Poet. Victoria Amidou, as an Ambassador for God, has been featured on morning television and radio shows.
Roz Kumari, Yoga & Photographer
Is a modern Urban Renaissance woman. Full time Artist, photographer, jewlery designer, teacher, massage therapist, doula and certified yoga instructor for over 15 years, she puts love and a strong spirit of community into everything she does. Certified in Hatha Yoga she believes yoga is for everyone. Shes coined the phrase thick chic yoga in her classes letting everyone know even a thick sista can do the splits.
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