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Strategic Slumber Party​

An Intensive Mastermind Retreat

August 15 - 21, 2021
Temecula, California
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Have you been feeling like there’s more that you should or could be doing for your business? I used to feel like that and I still feel like that, which is why our Intensive Mastermind Retreat is here for you and other like-minded sisters. We will work on a project that you will execute no less than 6 -12 months from the date of the retreat. You will learn how to prepare and plan for the long-term. Join our group of classy business women as we have fun working on our business projects. 


Do you desire to dive deeper into your inner-self and your business, but you just can’t seem to figure out how to get there? We have scheduled meditations and intention work that will enable you to tap into your inner-wisdom allowing you to make better business decisions for you, your family and your business. 

Are you in desperate need of professional business guidance to bring your project to life? You've come to the right place. This Sisters in Business Strategic Slumber Party is perfect for learning everything needed to execute a successful project. If you are serious about launching your project with a 99.8% accuracy click the registration button. This is the retreat for you. This is your time.

Do you have a hard time trusting yourself and letting go of fears that keep you from making decisions that are in alignment with your business? Each of the master teachers has overcome fear in order to achieve wondrous success in their business. This Intensive Mastermind Retreat will provide you with tools and techniques to transmute fear into progressive action that drives and empowers you to make confident boss moves and wise decisions for your business.

Are you ready to breathe life into the ideas and projects that have been sitting inside of your laptop or journal? Go ahead and laugh with me and trust me when I say that you are not alone. The Sisters in Business Strategic Slumber Party is designed for you to gain everything needed for a successful execution. You'll leave with a happy heart and a tailored plan, allowing for seamless implementation. The tools and processes shared at this Intensive Mastermind Retreat have proven success rates and the best part is that they are rinse and repeatable. Be comforted in knowing that uncompleted projects are a thing of the past! 

Imagine you're sitting next to a waterfall relaxing to the melodic sound of the rushing waters. Your vision becomes clearer as you reflect on the activities of the week. The absence of distractions and pressure from your day-to-day responsibilities offers a beautifully heightened concentration of heart filled wisdom.


You inhale the scent of fragrant flowers floating across the warm Californian breeze as it caresses your face you are reminded of your feminine strength.

Your physical self nestles into the breathtaking nature of Temecula and while you feel you're alone, you're not. You are surrounded by beautiful like-minded women.  They are some of the most sacred, enlightened, and aware women you'll ever meet. 


You have traveled here to shift your mindset and to up level your business planning amidst a safe and high frequency space that allows you to absorb the knowledge of wise master teachers who are ready to pour into you. Join us as we create peace in business and life.


You are here, your mind is free and it feels like paradise!


A Culinary Experience


More than a meal, the experience of dining with Chef Ameera is more appropriately described as fuel for the soul.


A mother of two, Ameera’s cooking is anchored in a deep maternal love. This love extends into the food she makes and to the care with which she prepares meals and menus for her clients. Her patrons benefit from her extensive knowledge of nutrition as well as respect of traditional healing practices. Chef Ameera seamlessly infuses Ayurvedic principles and Reiki to go beyond her client’s physical goals to effectively cater to each individual’s deeper needs.


A meal with Ameera is not just dining it is a transcendent culinary experience.

Retreat, Eat , Drink  and  Live


Why Should You Join Us?

Because you want to place to clear your mind and work on your business project plan without distraction from the day to day. 

Because you require a space to ask questions and you are ready to receive the guidance 

Because you look forward to embracing the creator in you! You are the co-creator of your journey and here is where you'll draft the blueprint for your purposeful life and business. 

Because you MUST incorporate a routine of meditation and gratitude into your daily life by identifying a pace that works for you. Our retreat will assist in creating an internal place that you can escape to during your day-to-day business to reduce or eliminate stress.


Living in Paradise

A Luxury Estate located in Temecula Wine Country.

This paradise vacation estate sits on 5 acres of lush landscaped gardens, which provides an unforgettable experience for the mind in a peaceful setting where individuals can relax and enjoy the beauty of nature and establish a new relationship with life and business. During our retreat your soul will be comforted by the peaceful resonance of Temecula, California. 


Our Oasis offers a quiet setting for those who really want to see, hear and feel the natural beauty of Temecula. It is perfect for those who want to leave behind the noise of the world, the crowded life of the city and the chattering of the mind. For in a quiet setting, with a quiet mind, one awakens a different dimension of awareness, and a whole new world is revealed. Our planned activities will strengthen your business acumen. The tranquil atmosphere of our home and the beautiful outdoors provides plenty of uninterrupted space to reflect on the day's teachings and to complete your business worksheets. Every space of our retreat home is impeccably designed to reflect magic and serenity.


An all Inclusive Intensive Mastermind Retreat in Temecula, California


This is your time to put you and your business first. This is your time to participate in an extraordinary experience that will change your life and your business forever. This is your time!

Your All Inclusive Double Bed Suite Investment

Listed Priced $6,755 per person

Wise Soul Price $5,866

$651.85 deposit due upon registration.

2.9% + $0.30 Third Party Transaction Fee will be added at Check Out

Your All Inclusive Single Bed Suite Investment

Listed Price $7,255 Per Person

Wise Soul Price $6,366

$707 deposit due upon registration.

2.9% + $0.30 Third Party Transaction Fee will be added at Check Out

* Payment plans accepted, final payment by 12/21/21!

Yep, you read that right. Make required deposit today and enjoy comfortable payments through rest of the year. We are making it easy and comfortable for you to be part of this amazing tax deductible experience!


What's Included:

  • 6 nights + 5 days accommodations in a beautiful mansion

  • Unlimited beverages + 6 breakfast meals + 5 lunch meals + 6 dinner meals by The Culinary Alchemist Chef Ameera

  • Pre-work + 3 check-in zoom meetings prior to retreat

  • Master teachers in the following ​​

    • Leadership self assessment - Gwen McPherson ​

    • Strategy + Business Project Plan + Data Collection + Trend Analysis - Tomeekha Pitre

    • Project Management + Execution - Myriam Pericles

    • Automation + Funnels - Katrina May

  • Retreat Assistance - Ama Asantewaa

  • Opening + Closing Ceremony

  • Sisters in Business Circles

  • Meditation + Intension Setting

  • Group Coaching

  • Enjoy the beautiful pool and hot tub

  • Release stress on the tennis court

  • Wine Tasting

  • 9x11 Notebook

  • Workbook

  • Pens + Paper + Marker

  • Sisters in Business Luggage Tags

  • A Sisters in Business Gift Bag (2)

  • Professional Group Pictures

  • Videographer + Photography 

What's Not Included:

  • Travel Insurance (highly recommended)

  • Round Trip Air Travel (best to fly into Palm springs or Ontario as they are only about 1 hour 1/2 drive to retreat. LAX can be 2 to 3 1/2 hours to retreat)

  • Ground Transportation to and from Retreat

  • 6 Group Check-in Zoom Meetings

  • Headshots are available at an additional cost, please speak to photographer.

*Tomeekha Pitre, Tomeekha Pitre LLC, Sisters in Business Strategic Slumber Party is not responsible nor insure this transaction. It is purely an agreement between retreat guest and photographer.

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Wine Tasting Events

The Daily Delights

Each day at the start of your rising you will bask in the refreshing aroma of success. Once you make your way to the great room of the main house you'll be welcomed by a delightfully prepared continental breakfast that awakens the senses and features freshly brewed coffee, tea and signature juices. Setting the stage for a perfect and freeing learning environment. 

Daily silent meditations will ground you as your heart receives the abundance of love that fills the space you are currently in. You are open and ready for what's to come.

Directed intention setting will spark the flame inside of you to create business plans that reflect your desire, wisdom, and passion to serve yourself, family and community. 

Participation in the business sister circle is just what you have been desiring. In this circle you are free to be unapologetically vulnerable and honest expressing your feelings, your fears, your blockages and more as we all hold each other in sacred love and support.

Summary of Benefits

You'll enjoy a space where you can fill your inner-self with care and love without feelings of guilt. We will nourish your digestive system with reiki infused wholesome foods that will revive your body, mind and soul.

We'll guide you with self-paced meditation, motivational business coaching and positive words of wisdom that plant seeds to manifest your business goals.

Silent meditations will reconnect you with your inner-self, the place where your physical self will dance to the sweet sounds of your soul's wisdom. 

Trusted expertise will reconnect you to your business, propelling your professional expansion and your continued growth and adaptability. 

Revel in the love and acceptance of divine sisterhood while enjoying the comfort and safety of the haven created as we Sisters in Business share, learn and ascend together!

You will return home with a completed business project plan and six months of check-in zoom meetings ensuring your project remains in good health.


Get to Know Your Master Teachers


Gwendolen McPherson

Owner of Wellspring Talent and Development

I've been a professional Consultant and Learning Practitioner for over 20 years. I believe in maintaining a positive mindset, creating partnerships with a purpose and always striving for significant outcomes. As a certified Leadership and Talent Management Coach  and certified facilitator you can expect collaboration with transparency and consistency. 


Katrina Joy

CEO of The Metrics Agency

I teach women how to stand boldly in their power and reside fully in their wholeness. Your sacredness demands wellness at every level; body, spirit, mind and your MONEY! You are the image of the divine.  Declare boldly and affirm fully to transform by automating your business to stay in the flow of sacred alignment. 


Myriam Pericles

President and CEO of Alpha Omega Consulting Group

As a certified Project Manager (PM) I am committed to providing PM Consultancy that delivers operational excellence and innovation. I provide my clients with project management solutions that execute in a timely and efficient manner. I have experience in Information Technology, Investment Banking, Healthcare, eCommerce, Media/Entertainment, Pharma and Biotech. 


Ama Asantewaa

CEO of The WayMaker

Executive Assistant and Project Manager for Tomeekha Pitre

As a heart based, purpose driven entrepreneur I know the challenge of balancing personal and business expansion. My reason for being is so that you don't have to go at it alone. Let's grow together. Please know that the power and light of the WayMaker is always yours. 

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Tomeekha Pitre LLC

Multi-Annual Strategic Planning Business Consultant and Coach, Meek Silent Retreats, Reiki Master Teacher, Inner-Wisdom Guide, Black Cotton Publishing, Sisters in Business Table Talks

Yes, I am a serial entrepreneur and I have Project Management and Six Sigma to thank for turning me into a beast when it comes to implementing every vision that shows itself in my minds eye. There is absolutely no reason to not execute your vision unless it's something that you're just doing to be like someone else. When we are unauthentic it just does not work. When we operate in our uniquely beautiful authentic selves; coupled with powerful project management solutions, we soar. 

My corporate transition filled me with joy because I knew that I was free to share a lifetime of amazing project management and strategic planning processes with my divine assignments. That excitement lit the fire in me to produce a safe and sophisticated retreat where wise business women celebrate success and each other.


Are you ready to experience being with a group of grown intelligent, brilliant and classy women?

Join us.

Trust me, you will NEVER forget this experience. 

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