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We target (and not limited to) women of color who are medical providers, law providers, entrepreneurs and corporate business professionals who spends more of their time working than they do caring for themselves. Meek Retreats creates and holds sacred space for you to go within the me, myself and I of you. We have a strict non-judgement policy that creates a safe space for each person to experience optimal spiritual self-realization, rejuvenation, and relaxation to ground and re-balance your chakras.


We look forward to you joining us. There's no other time than now to reboot without distractions. Join us as we emerge in self-care and inner wisdom. Watch video below to get a feel of our retreats.

Meek Silent Self-Realization Retreat

Temecula, CA / March 2019

COVID - 19


With sensitivity to the COVID-19 Pandemic that impacts all of us globally, all 2020 Meek Silent Retreats have been postponed until further notice.​


Tomeekha Pitre and the Meek Silent Retreats team are praying and meditating daily for  all of us. To those who have lost loved one's due to COVID, our hearts are with you and we extend Reiki energy to you and your families during these emotional times. 

*Sisters who have registered for the Portland Retreat your payments will transfer to any of the retreats that will be planned in the 2021 year. If social distancing has not been lifted by then, a full refund will be provided to you during the month of January of 2021. 


Continue to live in Peace, Love and Light. 

~ Tomeekha Pitre

I went on the Silent Retreat, held in Ojai, California. This retreat brought me so much clarity on what to do with my business and helped me release pain from. Silence is beyond healing for the spirit and mind. So healing that I’m booked to attend the Silent Retreat again this Spring! Highly recommended. 

100 billion stars ⭐️

Enjoy a self-care, reboot and rejuvenation at a Meek Silent Retreat. If you can get there, the rest is on Tomeekha. You got us and now it's our turn to care for you. Be sure to fill out our interest form.

For those on The Front Line: Medical Providers, First Responders and Other Essential Workers


This is our gift to you 💚

It is with great gratitude of the selfless work you all have done during the world's pandemic of COVID-19. Thank you for your sacrifices, thank you for returning to work everyday and night even when you were exhausted and maybe even having to fight off the fear to do your work of helping and savings lives.

You Are Our Angels

It is because of the above and more that Meek Silent Retreats is filled with gratitude that we gift you a complimentary Silent Self-Realization Retreat during the year of 2021 (or when COVID-19 is under control). This is our way of saying Thank You for sacrificing your life for many others. You deserve to enjoy a weekend away to yourself with no distractions to clear your mind, rest, bond with nature and more. 

Meek Silent Retreats

by Tomeekha Pitre

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