HINT: Great Gift for friends, family or co-workers.
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Our Travel Mini Meditation Kits were created and hand assembled with love and harmony to assist with clearing energies in and around your space, self and mind, which also aids in deeper meditation. Our meditation kits are great to have when traveling to clear any hotel room, guest room or any lodging that houses your soul during your travels. 

• Wooden Ankh box
• Brass mini charchol burner with safe screen and wooden plate
• 1 mini bag of White Sage leaves
• 1 mini bag of Palo Santo chips
• 1 mini bag of Copal resin
• 1 mini bag of Frankincense resin
• 1 mini bag of Myrrh resin
• 1 tub of charcoal
How To Use:
The burner is used to burn the charcoal.
Place the burner on top of the wooden plate.
Set the screen aside.
Open the bag of charcoal and retrieve a charcoal.
Place the charcoal inside of the burner.
With a long lighter stick the fire over any side of the charcoal, leave burning until the charcoal begins to sparkle.
Now that the charcoal is sparkling, you can now remove the lighter.
Choose your resin of choice. My favorite combination is Copal and Frankincense.
Use a teaspoon or a small scoop to pour a small quantity in the middle of the burning charcoal. Once the resin is on the charcol, place the screen on top of burner.

Watch video of how to use:

Meditation Kit