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With over 20 years of business development, strategic planning, business process improvement and project portfolio management, it is my purpose and promise to help small and start up business owners to access and follow their inner wisdom to create a strategic multi-annual plan so that they are able to manifest a more profitable and legitimate business as they also create a space of peace and purpose in both their life and business.

It is my mission to shift the mindset of business owners from a day-to-day business thinking and planner to more of a strategic thinker and planner by learning how to create a strategy plan for up to 3-5 years ahead. This is extremely important for my clients because this is our soul's work. I coach and train each of my clients how to plan strategically by using tools and process that have proven success rates. With me, you will not just learn business acumen, we will also learn how to minimize stress through silent one minute meditations and manifestation practices such as affirmations, follower essences, and chakra work. ​

Strategic planning + meditative manifestation will activate your inner-wisdom which will help with making decisions for both your business and personal life creating confidence and ease with each step you make along your path. This is your time to create your peace while walking and living your purpose.

Words of Wisdom

"An idea that makes its way to planning and development is our release, our healing. That same idea executed/manifested is no longer ours. Respect the pace of your heart based projects as it's medicine in the making."

- Tomeekha Pitre


Working with Tomeekha

Learn how to identify strategies that puts your business ahead of the pack       Create a focused multi-annual strategic plan that sets you ahead of your peer competitors       Develop an easy-to-implement project plan to avoid setbacks, mistakes and pitfalls of a growing business       Be able to read your [niche, specialty]  market and year over year trends that will help your business grow      Put systems in place so you have a legitimate, easy to scale and easy to manage operation       Know how to access your inner wisdom and higher self to help guide your decision-making by learning silent and stillness meditation techniques      Put stress management and peace of mind practices in place so you feel more peaceful and purposeful in every decision you make.





Tomeekha, thank you for revolutionizing my business. There are no words to express the magic I am experiencing with my business since our strategic planning sessions. I went from scared, confused and unorganized in my business to a full fledge Business Mogul. My business revenue tripled and so did my confidence. I no longer fear failure, because you showed me how to take my business dreams from my thoughts and make them a physical reality. You gave me the key to success and

I am forever grateful.




Tomeekha is the person who will assist you and your business get to the next level. She adds value to your value as you rise. Simply put, I am forever grateful to her expertise and insight that allowed me to bring all of my talents to the table in a timely fashion ensuring success. Working with Tomeekha is a must.




When my business began to thrive I became increasingly exhausted from mismanagement. My life and business were on the brink of an expansion and I had no idea how to prepare for it. After fasting and prayer I found that Tomeekha was offering multi-annual strategic planning services. I immediately purchased her coaching package and she took my business ideas turned them into five years of projects!

 Tomeekha helped me identify my strengths and flaws. She taught and gave me tools to strengthen my business and my life.  

Tomeekha's service is an investment I will always cherish because since then my business has soared. I have two books and an online course that is very successful using the strategies Tomeekha taught me. 

Don't wait! You'll thank yourself for it later.

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