Dreams and Signs - Entry 1

July 24, 2016

At this moment I lay rested after a migraine and slight fever forced me to be still (no work is so hard to do). Without my say so, Migraine said,

"Pull your locs back, get a cold wet towel, and take off your shirt because we are getting ready to purge."  


As sick as I was it’s amazing how after ‘the purge’ my mind and body felt reborn, clear, calm, and at peace. So, I reflected on my Friday morning...



Around 4:30 (something) a.m., I had a dream that I was walking and talking business with someone (person wasn't revealed), to my right Oprah Winfrey was sitting on a couch interviewing someone (person wasn't revealed). She and I looked at each other and in a motherly, mentor, respected sister elder kind of way/gesture she put the back of her left hand under her chin, lifting it - signaling for me to walk with my head held high, chin up; and I did just that. Then woke up and went outside to do my morning prayer & meditation.



I took my dog out front so he could do his thing; you know – sniff, mark territory, poop and stuff. Well, while I sat on the front porch, I think it was around 10ish (I didn't think to check the time) I heard and then saw a scarab (beetle) flying near by. The scarab proceeded to fly toward me and then it flew around my head three times.


I called out, "Shay, come check out this beetle flying around my head!" Just as she came to the door and said she saw it, it landed right on top of my head. Actually, it landed on my top left bantu knot (I braided and twisted my locs that morning so I can rock curly locs for my up coming travels). It sat and then it flew off towards the left, the same route it came. As it began its flight, three black medium sized birds (crows or pigeons – I don’t know) were flying in the same direction of the beetle.



  1. Four key things happen on the left of me (I'm to Oprah's left she shows her left hand, scarab lands on left bantu knot, scarab flies off to the left, birds are fling to left.

  2. The number 3.

  3. Oprah Winfrey sharing elder woman wisdom for me to walk and talk with my head held high and chin up - to exude confidence, maybe?

  4. Me talking business with someone important enough for Oprah Winfrey to share something with me.

  5. Scarab flying around head 3 times and lands on left side of head above the heart organ. 

  6. Scarab flys off to the left, 3 black birds appear flying to the left.

I write this down so I can ask my ancestors to help me decipher the meaning. I write it so I can pray on it and ask for guidance. It appears that the dream and the sign are defiantly messages. I'll keep you posted.


Remember to write your dreams and any signs that may come your way. It could mean something.


Peace & Light


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