In A Circle of Sisters Is Where You'll Find Self-Love

August 24, 2016



It's amazing what happens when we listen to spirit and our ancestors. Back in 2014 spirit spoke to me and told me to reach out to friends and family to see who would be interested in hosting a book signing at their home. I immediately turned to my personal laptop and sent an email to all of my friends and family, hit send and returned to my day job.


Many responded and I give thanks to and for each and everyone who did. The  closer it got to the release of Earth's Quiet Chaos, we started booking dates, times and locations; and just like that, my promotional book tour was created. 


Although the tour began with book festivals (I LOVED every fair/festival I have attended) I have to say that the private events hosted by my beautiful friends and family have been a rewarding experience for me.


The private events kicked off in Charlotte, NC and continued with two other events in the Atlanta, GA area. I am truly grateful to my spirit-sisters for their support and LOVE. 


What I found most precious was the group discussions and me answering questions that turned into much-needed conversations. Every single Goddess I met at each event has touched my soul in a deep way. I've learned from each of them and my whole being was rejuvenated as I was wrapped in their generous and loving energy.


Here are a few fun moments I was able to capture via photo's from my most recent private book signing events.


Private Book Singing

Charlotte, NC

Private Book Signing

Kennesaw, GA 

 Private Book Signing at Norris Lake

Snellville, GA

Much Gratitude to the following beautiful people for making my Atlanta, GA (and surrounding areas) one of the most amazing experiences as a self-published author.


Stacey Caldwell

Folami Xavier

Kimberly Milligan Beasley

Bayinnah Sullivan

Kishina Thompson
Eloise Ellis

Novella Spann

Crystal Bryant-Fields

Shay Ensley


To all of the beautiful Queens and Kings who attended these private events

Can't forget Uncle Mike for the boat ride under the rise of the Sun, the lowering of the Sunset, the Moon and the Stars ~ Much Gratitude.


You all are reflections of my gifts, as I am a reflection of your gifts.


Peace, Love and Light,

Tomeekha Pitre