Chicago Love

September 15, 2016


Midwestern Hospitality 


I have yet to visit a city that does it like Chicago. Is there a such thing as Midwestern hospitality? If not, there is now. I have to give it up to my best male friend, Willie Askew and his family. I thought my family in Louisiana fed me a lot, but dang... I think Chicago got Louisiana beat.


Despite the tragic things going on in the South Side of Chicago now, it's not all bad. Not once did I fill unsafe, but then maybe that's because I'm from South Los Angeles - I don't know. Even when it seems the morale should be low, Chicagoans are full of love and pride about their city. That is evident in the joy and love they pour into the meals they prepare, the events they produce, and the gatherings they participate in.

The Book Signing


Chicago was the first private book signing hosted outside; and I can't think of a better space for someone like me. Outside, in the open air, barefoot on the grass, the sun shinning down and caressing our skin, the trees enjoying our laughter and the stories being told. It was pure bliss. The food was great (I know I keep talking about the food, but dang - it was the bomb). I give thanks to Willie and Trina for welcoming me into their home and making sure I was always good.


Shout Out To My BAHS Sisters & Brothers


There's something to be said about my Baumholder, Germany classmates. We have truly formed a bond that is unbreakable and will stand the test of time. I'm not sure what it is or why it is, but it is.


Summing up my Chicago trip - I enjoyed the Robins Parade and I truly enjoyed the African Market Festival - I'll be back next year to fully experience it again.


Enjoy the photo's taken from the book signing event hosted by Willie Askew.


Peace & Light,