October 5, 2016


"What if mirrors never existed and the only reflection we had of ourselves was what we see in each other and things?" ~ Tomeekha Pitre 



Interestingly, the month of September has been a month of seeing myself and my work through others. What's even more interesting, is this deep human mirror reflection that happened during the month my spirit entered into this life 43 years ago. 


I've spoken of this several times ~ back in the day, more than seven or eight years ago, when I used to host poetry venues, I posed the question written above.  About four or five years ago, I posed the same question on FaceBook. However, it was always just something I often thought of.


Although I could see my beauty, my love, my sadness, my uneasiness and my ugliness in others, I never saw my creative gifts in others, but only in the things I actually created. This past month I realized that the reactions to my works were the actual mirror of my work/my gifts.


This realization came like a lightning bolt.

During a long meditation (something i'm working on) I heard that perhaps I should stop looking for reflections and simply BE a reflection.


What does that mean?  it means that I am to Continue being obedient to creative, logical and strategic directions that are spoken to me by ancestors, spirit guides, and Most High Creator/Creatress. As the work comes to completion or as I get closer to beginning the next journey, all will be revealed like bread crumbs, strategically placed on the new road I create for myself, as I continue on my journey.

Reflections of My Gift


September 17th was my 43rd Solar Return celebrated at KRST Unity Center of Afrakan Spiritual Science.

The morning, afternoon and evening of this day was amazingly revealing as it not only reflected my gift, my work, my heart, my soul, my obedience or Myself, it also reflected my truths. More importantly, it reflected the pieces of my attachments that I've accepted yet find difficult to look at.  

The morning began with outdoor prayer, meditation and introspection with my feet merged with nature, my spoken words carried by air as they traveled into the cosmos and my chakras aligned with its universe.  I became one as my physical body was in perfect alignment with my spirit self.

The Afternoon gifted me with the joys of giving, receiving, hearing, inspiration, creativity, family, spiritual atonement and LOVE as I received a group of light beings who celebrated me and my work. It was the first time I had the chance to see the words in my book, Earth's Quiet Chaos come to life as a group of actors read the prologue, chapters one, two and three. 

During the Question-and-Answer, moderated by Shay Ensley, it touched my heart as I heard how very necessary the story of my book is. How necessary the main character, Earth's, habits are. It was the first time I saw and received the reflection of my gift in others. WOW!


The Evening was a reminder from my direct ancestors to keep telling stories that provoke conversations, spirituality and healing. having Experienced my entire day come full circle (360 degrees), I watched the inspiration of the character, Moon, show me why it's important for me to tell her story of love and healing.

Photo Album of Live Character Reading

I give thanks to the Most High Creator and Creatress for the following Light beings and their ancestors:


Shay Ensley - Host and Moderator
Lorenzo Frank - "Ra"

Jewell O'Connor - "Narrator"

Zanetta Tribble EL - "Moon"
Spencer Allen - "Ali"

Kala Mangum - "Earth"

Syreeta Staples - "Mother"

Ms. Adachi - Music 

Divine Bliss - Catering

Honey Qween Lemonade - Beverages

Brittney Hart - Photography

KRST Unity Center of Afrakan Spiritual Science


The high energy light beings who purchased Earth's Quiet Chaos...


There are no words, no human expressions of gratitude available to properly articulate my deepest appreciation of your support.


When we form together in the love of art and healing,

it's amazing the magic we create ~ I AM MEEK


Peace, Love & Light,

Tomeekha Pitre

Experiences = Overcoming = Lessons Learned = Creating = Sharing = Healing = LIFE = repeat

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