"Welcome To Nashville!" Says, Se'maj Beauty Studio & Southern Festival of Books

November 3, 2016


Welcome to Nashville is exactly how I felt from the moment I landed on the grounds of the beautiful city of Nashville.


Black Cotton Publishing had two events in the city of Nashville and each one of them were exceptional. The people in Nashville, TN are very welcoming and for a city woman like myself, I truly enjoyed how comfortable everyone made me feel.

Jake's Bakes 

2422 Elliston Pl

Nashville, TN 37203


So So Delicious. I've never tasted a cookie so freaking good before. If, or when, you visit Nashville, TN, you MUST visit Jake's Bakes.

Se'maj Beauty Studio

13th Anniversary Event, 10. 10. 2016 

1019 Gallatin Pike S. Suite #102

Madison, TN  37115 



Se'maj Beauty Studio was the first event of my Nashville trip. This was a book signing event that was made part of the 13th anniversary of salon ownership by James Williams. He extended his business space to also celebrate two authors, Trillion Smalls and myself, Tomeekha Pitre. 


The courtesy that James Williams extended to us was absolutely amazing. We had fun as his clients shopped and tried on the latest Se'maj fashions, looked for the perfect color from his brand of lip sticks, foundations, and eye makeup. It was so much fun talking to each of the patrons about the two Black Cotton Published books: Black Cotton, published 2013 and Earth's Quiet Chaos, Published in 2016.

clients and supporters, of Se'maj, purchased books while Trillion and I signed them. The book signing at Se'maj was like spending the day at a girlfriends apartment sized designer closet while sipping on whine while eating cracker, cheeses, fruit, vegetables and hand made sweet deliciousness. 


If you live in the Nashville area and looking for someone you can trust with the health and styling of your hair, you MUST visit James Williams at Se'maj Beauty Studio. He's a master in all hair types. Plus, he has a boutique of fashion styles to suit any occasion. Trust me, you will not want to leave. From the comfort of the plush leather sofa, the soothing wall colors and the aura of peace that fills the space - it's the perfect break from your day to day.


A visit at Se'maj will rejuvenate you, TRUST ME!!! 

The 28th Annual

Southern Festival of Books

 The Southern Festival of Books, I must say, was probably one of the most organized and well prepared festivals of this tour. The communications, prior to the event, was consistent and easy to read and follow.  The location was beautiful. Participants received everything they paid for. The tents were solid and even came with a closure to secure it overnight. 



This was the first festival to list me as an actual publishing company, not an author or author/publisher - just publisher.


Why is this such a big deal, you may be asking. Well, it's a big deal because for the six months I've been touring to promote Earth's Quiet Chaos, I've never spoken about my small publishing company.


Mainly because, up until now, I've only been focused on publishing my own books. Recently, I've expanded to take on manuscripts from other authors. So, this was the push I needed to not only promote Earth's Quiet Chaos, but to now promote Black Cotton Publishing.


Yeah, I was nervous - No - I was scared, but I managed. I credit my corporate gig for teaching me how to speak and think quickly on my feet. It was also a good thing that my team and I had just finished putting together our business model. Jeez - Talk about perfect timing.


So, I give thanks to the Southern Festival of Books for helping me grow up in this big world of literature and publishing.  Because of it, not only did I meet some amazing readers, authors or those just passing by, but Black Cotton Publishing also received its fist manuscript submission.

Although I really only had one good - excellent is more accurate - day of sales, which was Friday, I met some amazing people and publishing resources that could be possible extensions to offer my authors. 

So, as I sat at my beautifully decorated, crystal, sage and love filled table, I had plenty of time to meditate;


but every time I'd get into a good open eyed meditation, I guess I'd accidentally or divinely called someone to my table, because here came one or more lovely people to ask me,

"So, what is Black Cotton Publishing about?" or

"What is this?" they'd say pointing to the Black Cotton coffee table book, or

"Are you the author of this here book?" They'd ask while picking up Earth's Quiet Chaos, or

"How long have you been growing your locs?" or

"What's that you have on your head and on your arms, is that Indian or something?" or after asking about all of these things, that had turned into conversations, they'd walk away saying, "Well, you sure are very pretty, Good luck to you." or

"You're really beautiful, good luck on your book."


So, was this festival worth the investment? Indeed it was. Will I return as a publisher, I sure will, but only after we've completed at least two more titles.


I'd like to extend the highest frequency of love vibrations to the city of Nashville, but most importantly to the team and crew of Humanities of Tennessee for presenting an amazing Southern Festival of Books event. You've inspired me, encouraged me and you've added more flight to my angel wings.  And to the people who patronized the festival and took the time to look my way, stop at my table and share their words with me, I am forever grateful and I remember each and every one of your faces. Thank you for trusting me enough to share your stories with me.


I can't even begin to thank my family enough for driving in the rain to come all the way from Columbia to support me and buy seven of my books. You made my Friday!


Humanities of Tennessee Presents

the 28th Annual Southern Festival of Books