Planting Seeds

March 1, 2017



The number one thing I'm looking forward to doing this spring is planting seeds.


Considering that I've never started my own garden before, I'll be calling my siStar, Urban Soul Farmer and friends to assist me and to learn from them. Not only is Urban Soul Farmer a wiz in the dirt, she's also a naturopath and I'm really looking forward to picking her brain. She also does a lot of work with children. I am dancing with excitement to scheduling time with her. A great investment is my soul connecting to Earth.


My dream herbal seeds I'm looking forward to placing into the soil are lavender, sage, rosemary and jasmine.



Lavender is one of my favorite scents especially in body oils. According to Dr. Axe Food is Medicine blog, there are 7 medicinal benefits of lavender essential oil when applied to the body.


  1. Reduces anxiety and emotional stress

  2. Heals burns and wounds 

  3. Improves sleep

  4. Restores skin complexion and reduces acne

  5. Slows aging with power antioxidants 

  6. Improves eczema and psoriasis

  7. Alleviates headaches

I look forward to making fresh hot teas and adding fresh lavender to my rejuvenating baths.




Sage is a must for me to naturally produce around my home as I use it as a cooking spice and I dry it out and give as gifts at housewarmings, baby showers and birthdays. I also use it for cleansing purposes such as energy, space and correcting or balancing aura.

In addition to cooking and spiritual benefits of sage, it also has medicinal 
purposes such as: 

  • Aids in managing diabetes 

  • Assists in keeping the skin healthy

  • Beneficial in improving digestion

  • Helps in the development and growth of bones

  • Boosts cognitive development and immune system

  • Helps to reduce inflammation and overall health



Oh, beautiful Jasmine,  how I need thee in my garden to add beauty, grace and lovely frequencies to my yard. 


I've never thought of jasmine before, until a siStar friend came over after yoga one day, and told me that jasmine would be beautiful to grow in my back yard around the fence because one vine can grow plentiful to cover an entire fence.  

According to an article published in Natural Remedies, not only is Jasmine great for aromatherapy, it is also used as an anti-depressant and sleep aid. The article also mentioned that the juices from the flower are said to restore the skin’s moisture and elasticity, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and giving the skin a healthier look and feel.


The most important part of the article revealed, in in India, jasmine is known to be a great aphrodisiac that' used to decorate the bride and groom's room to enjoy during their wedding night. YES!!!!!




Of course,  I can't leave the precious herb, Rosemary, out of my garden. I use it in just about everything I cook. I also like using it in my oils and Shea butters because I love the seasoned taste it provides and the glorious rejuvenating smell it gives.


Not only is my favorite herb good for cooking and smelling good, it also has the following health benefits (found via Organic Facts):

  1. Memory booster as it's a cognitive stimulant

  2. Improves the mood, clearing the mind and removing stress for those who suffer from chronic anxiety

  3. Immune system booster 

  4. An antibacterial aid

  5. Stomach soother

  6. Breath freshener

  7. Stimulates blood flow

  8. Pain reliever


My seed-planting does stop with the above herb plants, but I'll also plant sunflowers and roses bushes for my visual pleasure.


What are you planting this spring?