And Now He Sleeps in Peace

June 6, 2017

Goodby, My Precious Max


 I Love You So is the title of the song I sang to my sweet Silky Australian Terrier, Max, while I held him in my arms and he drifted into a peaceful sleep.


I love you so, I love you so

No matter where you go

I love you more than you know


I love you so

More than you know

No matter where you go

I'll always love you so


You'll always be my pooka snookums 

No matter where you go

I love you so

*copyright, Tomeekha Pitre, 2017


I've owned turtles and fish, but Max was the first dog I owned as an adult. My sister, Stephanie, called me one day asking if we wanted a dog. A friend of hers was moving and couldn't bring the dog with her. I asked my husband (at the time) if we could have one and I showed him the picture. When he said, "Sure, why not?" I was overjoyed. 

My sister Stephanie and her friend Pam delivered Max to my house on January 21, 2013. It's strange how well I remember that date. He came to me full trained, with his special blanket, bed, pillow, feeding bowls, food, harness and leash.  When Stephanie and Pam left, he sat at the door for 10-15 minutes and I sat with him. When I got up and called his name, he jumped up and followed me to the back of the house. Ever since then he's been my shadow. Being so deeply in love with Max made me fall deeply in love with all animals. I am a true animal and insect lover.


When we first got him, we noticed there was a little round bump under his left shoulder. The veterinarians suggested that we all keep an eye on it to make sure it didn't change or grow, and it hadn't until the end of March 2017. When I returned from my weekend retreat I rubbed and hugged him and noticed that the bump not only grew to fit in my fist, but it also had a weird shape.


We spent the next 10 days back and forth to the Access Specialty Animal Hospital ER. In those two weeks he had been admitted twice. It broke my heart to see my precious lover dog in so much pain. Yesterday I had to put him first and me second. He went to sleep in my arms and was at peace and free from pain.


This morning, my routine is completely different. Walking through my door is no longer exciting. Laying in my bed or sitting on the sofa is lonely because he's not invading my space (We used to call him space invader). 

I never thought that the lose of a dog could bruise my heart so deeply. This morning was the most difficult. There are so many reminders of him all around. I give thanks for the family and friends I'm blessed to have around me. I give lots of thanks and love to Tammie Lee and Aus for being so supportive and hanging with me at the hospital and throughout the entire euthanasia process.

Max touched so many people's lives. I am thankful to God for trusting me to take care of Max during his remaining years here. I know his spirit will return into my life in some type of way.


To my friends and family who had the opportunity to meet and/or be around Max please share how he touched your lives? It will not only mean a lot to me, but it will help me get through this difficult time.

If you have a dog and have gone through what I just did, please share your words of comfort or wisdom with me.  I so need it right now.


~ Gratitude to the following ~

Rasta Escott El, Tammie LeeShay EnsleyJames WilliamsHeather ParkerJeanette JacksonEvy Trezvant, Makeba StallingsElizabeth GordonJewell O'Connor, Imani Escott, Bomani Escott, Mary Pitre, Staci Caldwell, , Shina Holiday, Becci Somersall, Jelani, Tandy Calvin, Manolie Gordon, Lakatish Burd, Jovon O'Connor, Gamble, Miss Norma, Erica (across the street), , , Mr. Abdul and Miss Val,  Chikita Carter, Stephanie McCauley, Killeen's Finest & the staff and veterinarians and specialists at Banfield Pet Hospital, Access Specialty Animal Hospital and anyone who I may have forgot... 



Peace, Love and Light

~  Tomeekha Pitre




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