A Father is More Than a Seed Dropper

June 17, 2018

There is a belief that our soul chooses the family it's born to. There is also the belief that our soul chooses its Mother, Father, sisters, brothers and life experiences.


If this is so, my soul chose to be born to a mother as the primary parent and a father who loved me from a distance. I used to think there was something wrong with that because of third dimensional distractions such as chit chatter, television and magazine articles that conditioned me to believing that having only one parent around was not natural and not normal.


I had plenty of friends who had both of their parents in the household, regardless if the father was a stepfather or not or if the mother was a stepmother or not. 


Girlfriends who lived with a stepfather would often speak about how they purchased the latest sneakers or fashions with the child support money that they received from their birth father. Could you imagine how confused I was as a pre-teen? Not only was my father not in my day-to-day life, but also he's forgetting to send child support money.


- Wisdom and Grace -

The Day I Learned Compassion and Gratitude


It had been two years of hearing my friends casually speak about receiving child support money. Why wasn't I getting child support money from my father? I came home from school and began searching for the phone book. I asked, "Mom, where is the phone book?" She told me where to look and there it was. I picked up the big thick telephone book and went straight to the yellow pages. 


"What are you looking for?" My mother asked me.


"An attorney." 


"What do you need an attorney for?" She asked.


"I think my dad has forgotten to send me child support money. I need an attorney to get my child support." 


"Girl, close that book!" She said with a slight giggle to her direct instruction.


Now, my Mother has never been one to mess with or play with. So, I did what she said; and because my goal was to return to it later that night. I was determined. 

"Look at me. Your father is a loving and giving man. If he's not giving anything it's because he don't have it to give."

"Oh, okay." I said and left the table. 


That was all I needed to hear. That small but meaningful experience was the point where I learned compassion and gratitude for things I have and the things I'm able to do. My mother never spoke negatively about my father. She only spoke loving words about him and told me stories of how much he loved her and how much she loved him.


- Reflections of Love and Peace -

His love beautifully incarnated in his 3 girls

With three different women, my father planted seeds of love and peace. Each of our mothers lovingly carried and protected that seed.  Raised separately as children and tightly joined as adults. It's amazing how all three of us look exactly like our father and how each of us has the loving and peaceful parts of him. He lives through us. 


I enjoyed the time I had with my father and every part of my development was truly divine in its time and order. I learned so much about myself when I got to be around my father. Things I needed to know at that time or else I would have taken it for granted. The everyday would have been just that. When I met my father side of the family, even more became clear about both sides of the family trees I am rooted in. My limbs are branches of two family trees. One  is the right, which is the feminine side and the other is the left, which is the masculine side. 


Fathers are more than just seed droppers. All is in divine time and order.


Each experience is leading us closer to our higher divine self, our soul and our light. The seed carrier we choose and the womb we choose is by perfect design for our soul purpose. 


Every aspect of our life experiences, we have seen it already. Now it's just a matter of remembering. 


The wiser I become the clearer I see why my soul chose to return to this life with the mother I was born from and the father who got me here. Each day I walk deeper and deeper in my purpose.

To the fathers who do not spend as much time with their children as they would like to and to those who wish they had it to give, but don't. Know that the soul of your child selected you. Every bit of who you are is living through her and/or him everyday. The one thing you have to give them, every day, is prayer and silent meditation in their favor. It's greater that money and material things. 

- You Are More Than A Seed Dropper -

You are purposefully chosen

What do you think? Do you believe that your soul chose the family you were born into? Sign up and share, please. I really would like to know.





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