The "Art Trip" of Second Guessing

November 5, 2018

Several days ago I had a numerology reading and conversation with Brother King Simon. As he was walking me through my numerology, he mentioned that I am not to second guess. I used to second guess myself often when I was in my twenties. And slightly in my early thirties. But, in my forties, I set the art trip of second guessing myself aside. I mean as a Spirit-led doer, I totally trust my inner and higher self. However, recently I found myself second guessing. Where did this come from? What triggered it? 


As I went within on this second guessing issue thing that had me stuck, I began to write this concern in my journal. Once I closed my journal and my eyes, this message came to me as I sat in silence. 


"What is it that I'm fearing? Whatever it is, our higher self does not operate in the energy or fear, which is why you are finding yourself second guessing. You returned here with everything you need to be successful. Your only assignment is to execute."


What I learned from this message is that when I'm in the art trip of second guessing, I'm going against Spirit. My ego is trying to find a way to do something without spiritual guidance and this is when I begin to lose track of the purpose - my purpose - of being. In the art trip of second guessing I'm no longer walking my life purpose of being. In the art trip of second guessing, my vision becomes blurry.


Every venture I've taken on that has been guided by spirit has been successfully implemented. Why? 

Because I did not second guess. 


All of this just from one conversation with King Simon about my numbers and how they guide the paths I create during my journey.  


If your interest is to experience a full authentic numerology conversation with a master, reach out to King Simon. 

Are you looking to be awakened in a way that seems impossible? Are you ready to access your inner wisdom through silence and stillness?

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