Heaven Couldn't Wait. My Story of Remembrance

January 15, 2019

I sit nestled inside of the cozy kitchen nook with a cup of tea, an ambiance set with a white candle on lit, palo santo stick on smoke, and my curated playlist on hit, which creates the most romantic space for creative writing. It worked, it always works, I was real deep into writing. My fingers were typing away until I got to page 4 and the song, "Heaven" by Beyonce came on. In that instant every thought I had and every motion of my quickly moving fingers came to an intense stillness. My entire memory bank began to display a beautiful short film of wonderful memories of my friend Omar.  

Meeting Omar


Have you ever met someone who, even though your experiences together were short, the friendship created an ever lasting imprint on your heart? Omar Isaac (Marcus) was that to me. 


We met more than 25 years ago while I was going to an American High

School in Germany. We lived in a little town named, Baumholder. My family lived inside of the US Military base and outside of those barriers, we called "the economy", meaning the German economy. Omar lived on the economy. I met him at McDonald's and I found it very interesting that he was both Black American and German living and being raised on the German economy. I'm not too sure what caused us to click. Maybe it was that we were both different, meaning he was the first, well the only, teenager I had ever known who was a serious drinker. He dressed cool and was wild and cool. Both of us dressed weird and cool. Somehow he and I ended up hanging out together. He'd visit me at my house and we'd listen to music or watch US television shows that family had recorded and sent to me. Sometimes we'd just talk about whatever, but he was always a friend. A boy I could have fun with and be around without any sneaky hidden intentions.




Memories Etched in Stone

During my junior year of high school, I was telling Omar about the prom coming up and how I wasn't really feeling like going. He began asking what a prom was, what's it for, what do you there, and so on. After about the fifth question (I don't know why it took me so long) I asked him, "Don't ya'll have proms"? When he said, "No, I've never heard of it", I stopped what I was doing and became very interested. After all, I'd never met anyone, until then, who had never gone or heard of a prom. I found this fascinating. Now I want to know all about his high school experiences and he mine.


There was absolutely no way I was NOT going to go to this prom now; and Omar was going with me. There's no way I could pass up not showing him what the prom is all about; and he was eager. I found out later, that his father (Black American) told him about the tradition and helped him prepare. 

This was unlike any prom I had seen my friends and cousins go to. Our attire was off the chain different because it was totally not the traditional prom attire. It's too bad we didn't have any pictures. I'm not sure how I forgot to capture that moment. I wore a mini yellow and green United Colors of Benetton casual form fitting dress, a pair of flat brown saddles.

Later that night he came with me to the after party. All I remember is it was in a cabin somewhere sort of far and it was packed with all of my white high school friends along with some of their friends from other nearby American High Schools. I'll never forget that one of my school friends challenged Omar to a beer drinking game. I remember thinking and saying how crazy they were to challenge a German dude to a beer drinking challenge. They went on all night. 


We all fell out anywhere we could find space. All of the teens were drunk. I didn't drink so it was real funny for me to see my peers knocked OUT. Omar woke up just before the sunrise and he walked to a nearby wall and began pissing on the wall! The cold crazy part was that there were some people sleeping on the floor under him. Good thing they were drunk and passed out. I grabbed Omar and we left. Of course I drove. This one moment in time created a memory that will forever be deeply etched in my memories with not one shade of ever fading. 


I moved back to America the next year and we lost touch. I'd often search for him on Facebook, but could never find him. Until I spoke to my friend Tiffany Witherspoon about him and she told me he was living in Austin, TX and he was on Facebook. I later found him as one of her friends. Wow! This one soul who totally meant so much to me from just that one memory was now back in my life again.











































































































So, while I was in creative writing mode, when this song came on, my thoughts became all about the memories we created during those years, so long ago, you were a version of me reflecting all things great.



I hear this and remember Tina Newton, Rosario Chavez and OMAR ISAAC

 Beyonce "Heaven"

Omar Isaac

Transitioned - January 31, 2018



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