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Sisters in Business Table Talks is an intimate talk show where you get to interact and pick the brains of professional sisters and brothers engage in conversations about business experiences. We will share the up's and down's, barriers, turning things around and more. We will provide tips and words of wisdom for each other as we explore many different topics. Sisters in Business Table Talks is dedicated to providing its communities with  a show that features women, men and married couples of color business owners. It's a forum that demonstrates  business talk as normal everyday conversations. It's a safe place where we can brag, lift each other up, celebrate our successes without  shame about our downfalls, what we learned from it and how it helped to catapult us to a new and higher level of success.  Sisters in Business Table Talks will provide useful business information for people of color entrepreneurs. The goal is to build knowledgeable business owners who share their successes to those coming up behind them. 


Our experiences are experienced to be shared by telling our stories. We are the reflection of experiences experienced by many people. We are never alone in our failures and painful let downs.  Sisters in Business Table Talks have a responsibility to help others shine their light un-apologetically. 

​The Benefits

  • Direct  interaction and engagement in business discussions that will help vamp up your business.

  • Be part of casual and fun talks about being a sister or brother of color owning a business

  • Hear the pitfalls, the ups, and the nitty gritty stuff that most people don’t like to hear or talk about. 

  • Access to a free podcast or YouTube channel where you can take notes that will assist to up-level your business.

  • Free live business coaching from successful business owners during each episode.

My Invitation to You

Greetings, my name is Tomeekha Pitre and I'd like to invite you to join my guests and me as we speak about the in's and outs of business during the series of Sisters in Business Table Talks.

It is my desire that you will receive powerful and useful information as you build and continue to grow in your business ventures. I have assembled amazing sisters and brothers who have been in business for some time now. They have started a businesses, closed them, recreated and revamped businesses. We are excited to provide you with a safe space to ask questions, to speak your truth to ears and souls who will relate and have a story to share. 

I would love to have you be part of this journey with us as we all are the reflection of success.  

Will you accept my invitation?

Sisters in Business Table Talks will broadcast Live via Zoom Webinar. Please be sure to follow the instructions below to prepare yourself for the live broadcast. 

  1. Download Zoom to your Smart Phone, Laptop or Computer to gain access to the webinar. You do not have to have a Zoom account, but you do need to download the Zoom app on your devise of choice.

  2. After you're registered for your topic or topics of choice, be on the look out for your confirmation letter. If you do not receive it in your inbox, please check spam or junk mail. If you have not received the confirmation letter, please send inquire to Ama@TomeekhaPitre.com and she'll be sure you get the information you need.If 

  3. Be sure to document any business questions or experiences in your registration form. This will allow the Panel to prepare to respond to your question in detail. 

2.Turning Your Vision Into A Business

Episode 2 live webinar / July 16, 2020 / 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM Central Time Zone:

All projects begin with a vision, an idea. For many of us the idea or vision never makes its way from our head or it may get as far as being written out on paper before we are either distracted or just give up. In this episode, sisters and brothers will speak about how they were able to turn their vision into a profitable business by doing what they love with the added satisfaction of helping people.


Chef Ameera

Culinary Love by Chef Ameera

More than a meal, the experience of dining with Chef Ameera is more appropriately described as fuel for the soul. She has served an extensive list of celebrity personalities. 


Alicia Vaca

Kiss My Butter

A self proclaimed serial entrepreneur, Alicia is a Sisterlocks Consultant, CEO of Kiss My Butter all natural handcrafted Shea butter body care, and is currently studying to become a Doula and herbalist.




Osunfemi is a Sweet Water, Neo Soul-Hip Hop Vocalist, Songwriter. She is a healing vessel allowing communicative messages to flow through her. Osunfemi is a trained massage therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, inspirational speaker and Cardologer having courageous conversations at colleges, conferences, one on one and online forums.


Deonna Williams

DK Young Leaders Learning Academy

We own a group childcare center serving children 3-5 years old. We offer advanced curriculum based learning as well as specialized cognitive behavioral skills for each individual child.

3. Balancing A Day Job and A Business

Episode 3 live webinar / August 6, 2020 / 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM Central Time Zone:

There are many business owners who are managing their own business while maintaining a day job. In this episode, sisters and brothers will speak about the pros and cons in working a day job and managing their business.


Myriam Pericles

Alpha Omega Consulting

Myriam Pericles, is a seasoned Project Management Professional with over 20 years’ experience in delivering Project Management Office operational excellence in media/entertainment, investment banking and healthcare industries. She is the CEO and Owner of Alpha Omega Consulting, a Certified Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE) Information Technology (IT) firm in NYC. Myriam is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and the CEO and founder of Marpay Consulting, A wellness Consulting/Coaching business also based in NYC.


Denise Ann Sumbry

Positive Life Haven

Denise Sumbry is Founder and Chief Energy Officer of Positive Life Haven, a positive energy oasis nurturing the conscious mind, body & spirit. As a Positive Psychology Practitioner, Reiki Master and Spiritual Life Coach, Denise's passion is seeded in cultivating a sacred space that combines energy healing and spiritual life coaching to elevate and sustain a vibrant frequency to thrive in life. She offers practical strategies and holistic tools to support soul seekers on their luminous journey to wholeness.


James Mercedes

Greyson James & Associates

Accomplished Strategic Business Consultant and Senior Executive with 20+ years of experience partnering and designing solutions with global brands to likes of Verizon, Apple, IBM, Amex, Johnson & Johnson, Metlife, Cisco Systems and many others. Specializing in process / workflow automation and digital transformation. After 20+ years of working with and learning from all of those amazing organizations I wanted to leverage those experiences and focus in on an area that they all consistently struggled with, “Delivery Excellence”. So I established Greyson James & Associates in 2017. 

Cherise BIO Photo.jpg

Cherise Charleswell

Midas Consulting

Midas Consulting is here “to support you, as you support others” and it’s offering of services is as varied as the educational & professional background as it’s Founder & President, Cherise Charleswell; who is a public health practitioner, social critic & radio personality, writer/author, Development specialist, nonprofit executive, and entrepreneur. She is of West Indian descent, with heritage from various Caribbean islands. Cherise has also held leadership positions on numerous Governing Boards and Advisory Councils.

Bonus Episode

Sisters in Business Table Talks Part 1

Bonus Episode live webinar / August 20, 2020 / 5 PM - 7:30 PM Central Time Zone:


Sisters and brothers chat a merit of business experiences like what inspired them to create their business, how they are managing, what support they have, any adversity they have may exprienced, how does it feel being a woman or man of color owning a business today, how COVID-19 impacted their business, and what they did or doing to mitigate any risks? 

Kihim Carr
VP of Meaningful Power Foundation -- I am NOT afraid to take risks or of being a change agent. My natural leadership abilities coupled with my
easy-going demeanor will enable me to cultivate relationships built on respect, reliability, and trust. I
will create and seize opportunities to succeed and to help others succeed, thus defining my legacy. I am
not truly successful unless I help others succeed; it’s my duty!
Monisha Garner
Moya Body Care
Tamiko Kirk
Hello I'm Tamiko "Miko" Kirk. I'm the proud owner of Dzyns By Miko, a salon studio in Pasadena California. I've been in business for four years. Becoming a business owner has been the best choice I've ever made.
Tamara Tripp
Owner of TamTamTheHands, LLC. -- I am a hairstylist and salon owner born and raised in Los Angeles, Ca. The oldest of 6 girls, so life wasn’t easy. I prayed for passion in my talent, God cams through. So I turned my passion into my business so now work is not work, it’s fun!
Shereta Middleton
Fitness for Happiness
Athena Gardner
Athena Gardner is an alchemist, energy healer, and tarot reader whose goal is to help others experience total transformation in mind, body, and spirit. Athena is the owner of Athena’s Altar where she provides spiritual wellness products and services.
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4. The Right Time to Ditch The Day Job

Episode 4 live webinar / September 10, 2020 / 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM Central Time Zone:


There are times when we take the premature leap from the day job before our business is fully developed. In this episode sisters and brothers will speak about knowing when it’s time to resign from the day job and weighing out what’s best for you and your family.


Shereta Middleton

Fitness for Happiness

Shereta, affectionately known as “Coach,” is a natural extrovert with a spiritual and soulful nature, who loves encouraging and inspiring others. Shereta is accredited by the Athletics in Fitness Association of America (AFAA) and holds multiple certifications in group and private training, spinning and additional fitness specializations.


Ada L'okun

Healing Haven Wellness Inc

Ada L’okun is an Alchemist that has been practicing African spiritual traditions and healing arts for over two decades. She is a priest of Yemoja, a Reiki Master Practitioner, and Intuitive Healer. Ada L’okun means “the machete makes the way to the ocean”.


Alina Barnes

Alina Barnes LLC

Alina Barnes established an IT Consulting Business that improves quality into software applications and solutions by designing complex software test automation frameworks. With over 10 years in both public and private sectors, Alina has built a reputation for strengthening the quality of software in large and small IT startup companies.

5. The Right Team

Episode 5 live webinar / October 8, 2020 / 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM Central Time Zone: 


There is not one successful business that is independently successful without the help of a team with specific skill sets that compliments the business. This team is how you will grow on all levels. Listen to our sisters and brothers speak about how they were able to put together an A1 team and what business is like without a team.


Gwendolen Mcpherson

Wellspring Talent Development

Gwen McPherson is a dynamic Talent, Learning and Organizational Development Practitioner with over twenty years of experience. Gwen specializes in Talent Development, Coaching and cultivating healthy work-life dynamics. Holding certifications with Franklin Covey as a facilitator in several of their award-winning solutions, and is also certified with Employment Learning Innovations, specializing in Civil Treatment and Diversity and Inclusion.

Me and Ash.jpg

Apryl Sims

Apryl's Life in A Bottle

April is a 4th generation entrepreneur. She loves encouraging and assisting people in doing that which makes their heart sing. Apryl has been responsible for developing many community based entrepreneurs. Many young people have learned valuable marketable skills under Apryl’s tutelage and mentorship.


Shay Monique Ensley

Shay Creative

Shay is a seasoned Executive Assistant, having functioned in supportive roles for celebrities, creative-based corporations, and start-ups.


Kateria Manning

Astrologic School

I’m a professional Astrologer and the creator of The Real Family Reunion Return of The Gods.

6. Brick and Mortar vs. Online vs. Mobile

Episode 6 live webinar / November 12, 2020 / 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM Central Time Zone: 


One of the first things business owners what to do is to have a storefront, but is that the best or right thing to do in this technical age we live in? Listen and ask questions as sisters and brothers speak about the pros and cons of a brick & mortar, online and mobile businesses.


Christopher J Wesley

Artistic Agenda

Christopher J Wesley transformed a trauma he suffered at the age of four into a mission that uses fine art, fiction and music as emotional tools to help people reframe their experiences into narratives that serve them.


Katrina May

Katrina Joy

Katrina owned and operated Eden’s Pathway, a wellness spa in Indianapolis, for 15 years and is the founder of We Are Queen Wellness™ Events & Summit. She  is passionate about healing and transformation in women as it relates to breaking free from the bondage of womb traumas, sexual expression, toxic relationships, and societal stigmas. Her belief in cleansing/detoxing for optimal health led to the development and herbal detox line, Sacred Body Detox™ Herbs & Lifestyle Products .


Monisha Garner

Moya Body Care

Moya Body Care was manifested more than 13 years ago by Monisha Garner as a holistic and organic body care company treating sensitive skin. Over the years, Moya has become something stronger and greater offering the very best in Colon Hydrotherapy, Yoni Steaming, Iridology, Reiki and Herbs. 


Baseemah Penna

Summer Soulstice Boutique

Wife, Mom and Business woman. Owner of Summer Soulstice Boutique. A mobile fashion truck that brings shopping to you.

7. Married Couples in Business

Episode 7 live webinar / December 10, 2020 / 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM Central Time Zone:


Are you married and wondering if it’s a good or bad idea for you and your spouse to work together in your business? This dynamic can work and it is one of the most desired business partnerships as entrepreneurs. In this episode you will hear from couples who are making it work in business, at home and with the family. Our guests will share their pitfalls and successes. 


Spencer and Nyki Allen

Allen Empire

We are committed to sharing our Love Story around the world with other couples by offering couples getaways, baecations and retreats to renew & ignite your love.


Grass Hop and 

Koshana Jones

Black Economics 101

Koshana Kweli The Manifestor and Grass Hop The Griot are a dynamic duo who specializes in economic empowerment and Education

Osunfemi and Adimu

Prosperity Movement Music

Prosperity Movement is a record label created by a talented group of individuals in Oakland, CA to develop, promote and distribute their brand of Elevated Urban World Lifestyle Music. Prosperity Movement Music launched July 2015 with its first release and self-titled EP, Prosperity Movement.


1. An Introduction to

Sisters in Business Table Talks Part 1

Episode 1 live webinar / June 3, 2020 / 5 PM - 7:30 PM Central Time Zone:


Sisters chat about each other’s businesses. What inspired them to create their business, what support did they have or any adversity, how does it feel being a woman of color in business today and how has COVID-19 impacted your business and what are you doing to mitigate or what is your work-around? 

Alicia Monet
Christina Lane
Destinee DeWalt-Chase
Het-Heru Nefekara
Zanetta Tribble
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