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We Invite You to Join The Conversation

Sisters in Business Table Talks is an intimate talk show where you get to interact and pick the brains of professional sisters and brothers engage in conversations about business experiences. We will share the up's and down's, barriers, turning things around and more. We will provide tips and words of wisdom for each other as we explore many different topics. Sisters in Business Table Talks is dedicated to providing its communities with  a show that features women, men and married couples of color business owners. It's a forum that demonstrates  business talk as normal everyday conversations. It's a safe place where we can brag, lift each other up, celebrate our successes without  shame about our downfalls, what we learned from it and how it helped to catapult us to a new and higher level of success.  Sisters in Business Table Talks will provide useful business information for people of color entrepreneurs. The goal is to build knowledgeable business owners who share their successes to those coming up behind them. 


Our experiences are experienced to be shared by telling our stories. We are the reflection of experiences experienced by many people. We are never alone in our failures and painful let downs.  Sisters in Business Table Talks have a responsibility to help others shine their light un-apologetically. 


My Invitation to You


Greetings, my name is Tomeekha Pitre and I'd like to invite you to join my guests and me as we speak about the in's and outs of business during the series of Sisters in Business Table Talks.

It is my desire that you will receive powerful and useful information as you build and continue to grow in your business ventures. I have assembled amazing sisters and brothers who have been in business for some time now. They have started a businesses, closed them, recreated and revamped businesses. We are excited to provide you with a safe space to ask questions, to speak your truth to ears and souls who will relate and have a story to share. 

I would love to have you be part of this journey with us as we all are the reflection of success.  

Will you accept my invitation?


​The Benefits


  • Direct  interaction and engagement in business discussions that will help vamp up your business.

  • Be part of casual and fun talks about being a sister or brother of color owning a business. 

  • Hear the pitfalls, the ups, and the nitty gritty stuff that most people don’t like to hear or talk about. 

  • Access to a free podcast or YouTube channel where you can take notes that will assist to up-level your business.

  • Free live business coaching from successful business owners during each episode.

Online Class

Sisters in Business Table Talks will broadcast Live via Zoom Webinar. Please be sure to follow the instructions below to prepare yourself for the live broadcast. 

  1. Download Zoom to your Smart Phone, Laptop or Computer to gain access to the webinar. You do not have to have a Zoom account, but you do need to download the Zoom app on your devise of choice.

  2. After you're registered for your topic or topics of choice, be on the look out for your confirmation letter. If you do not receive it in your inbox, please check spam or junk mail. If you have not received the confirmation letter, please send inquire to Ama@TomeekhaPitre.com and she'll be sure you get the information you need.If 

  3. Be sure to document any business questions or experiences in your registration form. This will allow the Panel to prepare to respond to your question in detail. 


Upcoming Talks

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