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Bonus Episode:

Sisters in Business Table Talks Part 1

Bonus Episode live webinar / August 20, 2020 / 5 PM - 7:30 PM Central Time Zone:


Sisters and brothers chat a merit of business experiences like what inspired them to create their business, how they are managing, what support they have, any adversity they have may experienced, how does it feel being a woman or man of color owning a business today, how COVID-19 impacted their business, and what they did or doing to mitigate any risks? 

Kihim Carr
VP of Meaningful Power Foundation -- I am NOT afraid to take risks or of being a change agent. My natural leadership abilities coupled with my
easy-going demeanor will enable me to cultivate relationships built on respect, reliability, and trust. I
will create and seize opportunities to succeed and to help others succeed, thus defining my legacy. I am
not truly successful unless I help others succeed; it’s my duty!
Monisha Garner
Moya Body Care
Tamiko Kirk
Hello I'm Tamiko "Miko" Kirk. I'm the proud owner of Dzyns By Miko, a salon studio in Pasadena California. I've been in business for four years. Becoming a business owner has been the best choice I've ever made.
Destinee DeWalt Chase
Owner of Simply Destinee Unique Inc.
Shereta Middleton
Fitness for Happiness
Athena Gardner
Athena Gardner is an alchemist, energy healer, and tarot reader whose goal is to help others experience total transformation in mind, body, and spirit. Athena is the owner of Athena’s Altar where she provides spiritual wellness products and services.
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