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2.Turning Your Vision Into A Business

Episode 2 live webinar / July 16, 2020

All projects begin with a vision, an idea. For many of us the idea or vision never makes its way from our head or it may get as far as being written out on paper before we are either distracted or just give up. In this episode, sisters and brothers will speak about how they were able to turn their vision into a profitable business by doing what they love with the added satisfaction of helping people.

Chef Ameera

Culinary Love by Chef Ameera

More than a meal, the experience of dining with Chef Ameera is more appropriately described as fuel for the soul. She has served an extensive list of celebrity personalities. 

Alicia Vaca

Kiss My Butter

A self proclaimed serial entrepreneur, Alicia is a Sisterlocks Consultant, CEO of Kiss My Butter all natural handcrafted Shea butter body care, and is currently studying to become a Doula and herbalist.



Osunfemi is a Sweet Water, Neo Soul-Hip Hop Vocalist, Songwriter. She is a healing vessel allowing communicative messages to flow through her. Osunfemi is a trained massage therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, inspirational speaker and Cardologer having courageous conversations at colleges, conferences, one on one and online forums.

Deonna Williams

DK Young Leaders Learning Academy

We own a group childcare center serving children 3-5 years old. We offer advanced curriculum based learning as well as specialized cognitive behavioral skills for each individual child.

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