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7. Married Couples in Business

Episode 7 live webinar / December 10, 2020 / 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM Central Time Zone:


Are you married and wondering if it’s a good or bad idea for you and your spouse to work together in your business? This dynamic can work and it is one of the most desired business partnerships as entrepreneurs. In this episode you will hear from couples who are making it work in business, at home and with the family. Our guests will share their pitfalls and successes. 

Spencer and Nyki Allen

Allen Empire

We are committed to sharing our Love Story around the world with other couples by offering couples getaways, baecations and retreats to renew & ignite your love.

Grass Hop and 
Koshana Jones

Black Economics 101

Koshana Kweli The Manifestor and Grass Hop The Griot are a dynamic duo who specializes in economic empowerment and Education

Osunfemi and Adimu

Prosperity Movement Music

Prosperity Movement is a record label created by a talented group of individuals in Oakland, CA to develop, promote and distribute their brand of Elevated Urban World Lifestyle Music. Prosperity Movement Music launched July 2015 with its first release and self-titled EP, Prosperity Movement.

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